Testimonials and Recommendations from Guitar Students.

Guitar lesson students and parents give testimonials about their guitar instructor, Paul Moeller.

Paul Mueller came recommended by a good friend, whose son also is a pupil of Mr. Mueller. Our daughter got lessons in a studio, hence, we were reluctant to try a private teacher, at first. But, as time went on (Tommy has been playing for six months now) we are so impressed with what our son can do on his electric guitar after such a relatively short time, not only in playing skills but also in reading (sheet) music and analyzing sheet music. He loves Mr. Mueller as a teacher, and he tries very hard to please him with practicing hard. We could not have made a better decision to send him to Paul Mueller. We are very satisfied with his progress.
- P. Weber

My son Ronnie has been taking guitar lessons from Paul Moeller for about 2 & 1/2 years. We could not be happier with Ronnie's progress. Paul has taught Ronnie the fundamentals of guitar along with keeping it fun and interesting. Paul Moeller is a professional musician, he has experience that far outweighs the other teachers in the area. There are other places to take lessons in our area, but we feel the Paul surpasses them all. I know that Ronnie has the best guitar teacher around.
-B. Laehn - South Elgin

Paul is a very qualified teacher and has been a wonderful teacher for our son. He is able to reach the kids and understand them. His teaching style is very positive and gentle and he always wants the best for his students.
-L. Payne

I can play classical guitar!” I never thought I would be able to say such a thing. But then I met Paul Moeller. Paul has taught me truly how to play the guitar. He has taught me the intricacies of technique, how to read music, and most importantly, how to feel and hear what I am playing. Paul does not shy away from correcting me where needed, which I value, otherwise I would never improve. More than constructive correction though, Paul is an encourager and his teaching style is full of grace. I leave each lesson with a desire to go straight home and practice, thanks to Paul’s upbeat and encouraging interaction with me. It is a humbling privilege to learn from such an accomplished guitarist. I’m thankful for that. Because of Paul, I really can play the classical guitar!
-B. Osborn

Our son, at the age of 10 chose Paul as his new guitar teacher and after one lesson said he learned more from Paul then the previous two years of music lessons. This reinvigorated his passion and love for playing guitar. When our son began with Paul he could only play guitar tabs. In less than one year he is reading and playing multiple genres of music.
-K. Zakin

As a guitarist interested in rock and roll, Paul has shown me classical and jazz music which I now enjoy playing and has helped me to perform in Jazz band in middle school. Paul is not only my teacher but he’s my friend. I always look forward to lessons and he’s a great mentor in learning guitar.
-R. Zakin